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Our Vision

To be the most successful Infrastructure solutions provider in the United States.

Our Mission

To improve people's quality of lives by providing the best infrastructure solutions.

Company Purpose

To serve our people and our clients with all that we have, to the best of our abilities, by adding value and achieving the goals set by ourselves and our stakeholders.

Core Values

Relentlessness, Excellence, Accountability, Entrepreneurial Spirit.


Delivering more values to our clients by completing projects safely ahead of time, under budget.

Our sectors


our group takes pride in its exceptional ability to construct some of the most intricate and high-profile roadways, bridges, and walls across the county. With a legacy of excellence, we have consistently demonstrated our expertise in tackling complex engineering challenges. Whether it's bridging daunting spans, paving critical highways, or erecting sturdy retaining walls, our commitment to precision and innovation shines through in every project.


From building efficient transit platforms to intricate roadways and bridges, our expertise lies in connecting people and facilitating the movement of goods. Our proficiency in seamlessly integrating various modes of transportation ensures smooth transitions for both commuters and cargo. Our group is dedicated to forging pathways that enhance connectivity, drive economic growth, and create a sustainable future for all.

Street maintain & Rehab

As experts in infrastructure, we specialize in prolonging the life and optimizing the performance of existing assets. Through meticulous assessments, innovative rehabilitation techniques, and strategic maintenance plans, we ensure that infrastructure assets continue to serve their purpose effectively and efficiently. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of projects, from extending the lifespan of aging roadways by preserving critical facilities.

Water resources

Water resources group focuses on building water and wastewater treatment plants. Devoted to making a meaningful impact, we are steadfast in our commitment to fulfill the pressing need for clean and safe water within our communities. Through our unwavering dedication, we construct cutting-edge water treatment facilities that purify water sources, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards.


Life at Urban

Life at Urban is Engaging. We promote growth & development, innovation and problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, diversity and inclusion, work life balance.  

Meet Our Leadership

Anup Tamrakar

President and Chief Executive Officer

“Inspire others to take massive action so together we can create future, beyond imagination.”



Our people are dedicated to finding solutions to every challenge. That spirit makes for some great stories.