Urban’s Infrastructure Group focuses on executing complex infrastructure projects, which encompass a range of critical structures, including highways, transit systems, bridges, and walls. The company’s expertise lies in planning, design reviews, and constructing these projects to meet the highest standards of safety, quality and functionality. Here’s an overview of Urban’s involvement in these specific infrastructure areas:



 Urban’s Infrastructure Group undertakes the construction and improvement of highways, working on projects that involve the development of new roadways, widening existing roads, or implementing innovative solutions to enhance traffic flow and safety. The company applies advanced construction techniques, efficient project management, and a commitment to quality to deliver reliable and durable highway infrastructure.

Transit Systems

Urban’s Infrastructure Group is experienced in the construction and expansion of transit systems, including light rail, subway, and bus rapid transit projects. The company collaborates with transit authorities and stakeholders to develop transportation networks that are efficient, sustainable, and accessible to the community. Urban focuses on integrating modern technologies and construction principles to create reliable and convenient transit solutions.


Urban’s Infrastructure Group specializes in constructing and rehabilitating bridges of various types and sizes, such as vehicular bridges, pedestrian bridges, and railway bridges. The company leverages its construction engineering expertise and innovative construction methods to ensure the structural integrity, safety, and longevity of these critical transportation assets.


Urban’s Infrastructure Group is involved in the construction of various types of walls, including retaining walls, noise barriers, flood control walls, and border walls. Urban recognizes the importance of these structures in providing stability, safety, and protection to communities. The company prioritizes the use of durable materials and employs specialized construction engineering techniques to construct walls that meet their intended purposes effectively.

In all these areas, Urban’s Infrastructure Group adheres to rigorous project management practices, safety protocols, and environmental considerations. The company collaborates closely with clients, government agencies, and local communities to ensure that these complex infrastructure projects meet the specific needs and regulations of each project site. Urban’s focus on quality, innovation, and sustainable development positions them as a reliable partner in executing complex infrastructure projects within the highways, transit systems, bridges, and walls sectors.