Urban’s Construction Group specializes in city street reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. The company’s expertise lies in revitalizing and improving existing urban street infrastructure to enhance safety, functionality, and aesthetics. Here’s an overview of Urban Construction Group’s involvement in city street reconstruction and rehab:

Roadway Reconstruction

Urban’s Construction Group undertakes comprehensive roadway reconstruction projects to address aging or deteriorating city streets. This involves removing the existing pavement, evaluating the substructure, and implementing necessary repairs or upgrades. The company focuses on improving the structural integrity of the road, enhancing drainage systems, and ensuring proper alignment for optimal traffic flow.

Pavement Rehabilitation

Urban’s Construction Group employs various techniques to rehabilitate the pavement surface of city streets. This includes resurfacing, overlaying, or applying treatments to restore or extend the lifespan of the pavement.

Utility Coordination

Urban’s Construction Group understands the importance of efficient utility coordination during street reconstruction and rehab projects. The company collaborates with utility providers to coordinate the relocation or upgrade of underground utilities, such as water pipes, sewer lines, and electrical cables. This coordination minimizes disruptions and ensures the smooth progress of the project.

Sidewalk and Pedestrian Enhancements

Urban’s Construction Group pays attention to pedestrian infrastructure during street reconstruction and rehab. The company focuses on improving sidewalks, crosswalks, curb ramps, and other pedestrian amenities to enhance safety and accessibility. Urban Construction Group aims to create walkable, pedestrian-friendly streets that cater to the needs of all community members.

Traffic Management

Urban Construction Group employs effective traffic management strategies during city street reconstruction and rehab projects. The company plans and implements temporary traffic control measures to minimize disruptions, ensure public safety, and maintain efficient traffic flow during construction. Urban Construction Group aims to minimize inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians throughout the project duration.


By focusing on city street reconstruction and rehabilitation, Urban Construction Group plays a crucial role in improving the infrastructure of urban areas. The company’s expertise in roadway reconstruction, pavement rehabilitation, utility coordination, pedestrian enhancements, streetscape improvements, traffic management, and sustainability considerations ensures that the resulting city streets are safe, functional, visually appealing, and aligned with the needs of the community.